Reputea was established in October 2013 as the reputation service for improving the business environment through collecting evaluations of people & companies, calculating and displaying their reputation index.

Reputea is start up company founded, being developed and managed according to the latest researches and entrepreneurship programs presented at Stanford University and at UC Berkeley within their continuing study programs. Recenty Reputea is in the Stage I of the Venture Funding.

Reputea headquarter is located in London. Business Development is located in San Francisco Bay Area, because of the industry spirit and due to the closest connection to the social media providers. Product Development team is located in Prague.
Reputea has two co-founders and chief officers, Jaroslav Kalvoda, MSc and Thomas Simek, MSc; both with a strong focus on relationship, social media and building good reputation. Jaroslav is Senior Sales & Marketing professional with 23-year experience. Tomas has 22-year experience as a manager in Banking & Finances.